Together with renowned German publishers we reach nearly 10 million readers of daily newspapers and weekly lifestyle magazines as well as an additional 9 million readers from weekly advertising journals.

Additional Swiss publishers join deals on a case-by-case basis. 



WALLDecaux is the premium out-of-home advertising brand of JCDecaux Group, Germany‘s leading supplier of City Light Posters. Up to 1 billion contacts per week are possible via a nationwide campaign, reaching 95+% of the population in Germany’s 60 largest to mid-sized cities.

PLAKATUNION is one of the leading providers of outdoor advertising in Germany and has around 25,000 advertising spaces in all 16 German states and over 2,500 cities.



Over 50 market-leading radio stations such as FFH, FFN, KISS FM, RS.2, Delta Radio and Antenne Bayern make a net reach of over 50% possible in nearly all German states and together reach more than 5 million people every hour. Regiocast, a leading radio holding, is operational lead.



RTL II is our main TV partner. Their program appeals to a slightly more female, consumption oriented audience with TV shows, reports, documentaries, and television magazines .

Sport1 is a German sports and documentary TV channel with a strong male viewership.

Deluxe Music is a German music TV channel specialized in a varied range of music styles.

Additional Swiss TV groups join deals on a case-by-case basis.