VENTURE ASSOCIATE/ (online marketing manager) (M/F)

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(Berlin, 03. January 2018) To be a perfectly rounded team and to be able to handle the growth challenges of 2018 and beyond, we are looking for a Venture Associate. Because we are working closely with high-growth consumer companies, we require a new team member with hands-on work experience in digital marketing. We are a small company with a big vision and offer a flexible and supportive career environment.

At German Media Pool, you will learn about venture capital and actively support us in making new investments. Your online marketing background and analytical skills will make you a go-to person for our portfolio companies and their marketing teams. Your capabilities will be extended through knowledge about how offline media can lower customer acquisition costs, giving you a more holistic understanding of marketing. 

You will be a permanent and valuable part of our small team, and will be fully enabled by us enabled to deep dive into these exciting areas, work independently and develop your talents. We, in turn, are looking for someone who can fight for success, never gives up and loves to network.

The Venture Associate position requires university education as well as 1 - 3 years of work experience in digital marketing. You need to be able to speak and write German and English fluently. You will be based in Berlin, and while our core business is in Germany, we are growing and building our network into the startup centers of Europe and the US. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please send your CV to